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An enraged roar can be heard plus the seem of footsteps on the bluestone pavement by somebody escaping could possibly be read.

I need you to definitely investigate how the Ethereal Token of the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion could be obtained, and when it’s easy, I would like you to carry a handful of them to me!”

This [Library of Heaven's Path] is often a fantasy novel With all the MC getting a contemporary bookworm or librarian named Zhang Xuan which is transported into distinct world and turns into an honorable Trainer.

To be truthful, he was full of curiosity as to what the Dongxu Gourd really was. The latter experienced claimed that it was a famous beast that ruled in excess of the lands, but Zhang Xuan genuinely could barely think about exactly what sort it could possibly acquire.

No, which was not completely right. It had been because he was already standing over the shoulders of giants. There were innumerable scientists just before him who experienced propped up the accumulation of information into a stage the place he could eventually open the doorway to a different world.

Traversing into another globe, Zhang Xuan finds himself starting to be an honorable Instructor. In conjunction with his transcension, a mysterious library appears in his thoughts. So long as it is a thing he has found, regardless of whether It is just a human or an item, a guide on its weaknesses are going to library of heaven's path novel be quickly compiled during the library.

I will be totally shocked if he shares Heaven's Path Divine Artwork with anyone. If he did, there is not any telling exactly how much and what kind of chaos would enter his daily life.

“Emperor Haotian, why don’t you prefer to put on underwear? To imagine that you’re nevertheless an emperor, could you pay out extra interest on your graphic?”

All of them knew that Zhang Xuan experienced a military of puppets in his possession, and after produced, issues would turn out to be troublesome for them.

He was an outsider, and he did not know any one from the Sevenstar Pavilion. Without the elder, Placing apart striking a handle them, he would not even know about this piece of knowledge.


Outstanding men and women basically stood out like fireflies within the evening it does not matter in which they went. Even though he attempted to dim his glow, Some others would however be drawn to him like moths drawn towards the flame.


It’s remaining formally translated on WebNovel but I came to read it here due to the fact They are really about 300 chapters powering and wished to know how the story progresses…

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